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Privacy policy

We provide various travel services to foreign tourists traveling to Japan. Since we will handle personal information of many customers and employees in business operation, we will establish this policy based on our ethical code, establish a personal information management system, and realize responsible response as a company.

  1. We will specify the purpose of use of personal information as much as possible and handle it appropriately within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose. In addition, we will take measures to prevent unintended use.
  2. Personal information will be acquired in a legal and appropriate manner.
  3. Personal information will not be provided to a third party without the consent of the person.
  4. In managing personal information, we will endeavor to take necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention and correction of leakage, loss and damage, and other safety management.
  5. We will endeavor to respond appropriately by establishing a contact point for complaints and consultations regarding the protection of personal information.